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Cryptocurrency explained by BitcoinBully

If you have been online for a while it has been impossible for you to avoid all the hype and fuzz regarding bitcoin and all the “crypto stuff” And all the claim to be rich quick. You may also have sen warning in your paper, “Bitcoin plummeted to bottom record today, people lost a fortune”. But somehow you couldn’t avoid being tempting to join and try to make some money on your own.

I’m not an expert but most I have seen is honestly crap. But a hope arose when I found out that Jon Olson and friends tried to sort out what works and what don’t. These are people that have been online for a long time and seen most of its backside.

They created BitcoinBully a very gentle program that slides you slowly into the world of crypto. You don’t need to know anything about those fancy words. And your investments are almost nil. How nice, a program that won’t reap out your money.

You are introduced step by step into the different kinds of crypto-related subjects, every step with a video. And when done with your task the next level is unlocked.

I can only say this is the best program so far to introduce you to the crypto-world in an honest and entertaining way with Jon Olson at the wheel.


Content Marketing Strategies That Lead Straight to Success

Content marketing has been around for a long time and it’s still one of the top games in town, for good reason. Great content never gets old. In an online world where opinions and junk abound, well done content will always stand out, so it is worth your time to develop a strategy that will keep your business in the forefront of everyone’s minds.

Planning Your Content Strategy

Before you start producing content, you’ll want to have a plan in place. What do you hope to accomplish with your content? What type of content works best for that purpose?

Content comes in many shapes and forms, ranging from text and photos to videos and audio. Certain topics are better suited to one or another form of content, so select the one that works best for you.

It doesn’t matter what type of content you select (and it’s fine to have more than one format), make sure it’s amazing. The best content will stand out from the competition, so strive to be the best. Look at what everyone else is doing and take yours up a notch.

You will also need to consider where your content will be featured. Will you post it on your own site? On a third party site? Social media? There are plenty of options available, so there’s no need to limit yourself.

Keep It Fresh

Creating great content isn’t enough to keep you ranking high. If you write one great article and never do another one, or post a video once every six months, it won’t do you any good. Fresh content is a must. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to post on a daily basis, but setting up a publishing schedule can help you stay on track.

Fresh content doesn’t even have to be brand new. You can repurpose previous content and turn it into something unique. A blog post, for example, can be used to create a video or vice versa. Snippets from posts or articles can be posted on social media, or you can turn an article into a slideshow or gallery. The possibilities are endless and it’s often easier to repurpose content than come up with something brand new each time.

Make It Click

Engaging the emotions is a sure-fire way to get visitors invested in your content. There’s a good reason funny videos get passed around, as do those tear jerker ones. People tend to share things that make them feel something . . . so do your best to activate an emotion. Remember to end it on a positive note, however. While a sad video can really capture someone’s attention, it can also leave them feeling depressed and you really don’t want them to associate that with your company.

Activate Their Curiosity

Take a look at Instagram’s top hitters and you’ll see that they offer plenty of visually interesting images that make you want to know more. Get people to ask what the story is behind the image and they’ll click through to learn more. This works on many different platforms, with a broad range of formats. The trick is to make people curious enough to click through.

You can spark curiosity with a question, an outrageous statement or statistics that will get readers to click through to read more, watch a video, etc.

Tell a Story

Once you have people through to your main content, what are you going to tell them? Storytelling is a powerful digital marketing strategy that every company can use. Whether you post videos, photos or text, tell a story.

Stories are memorable. If you think back to a favorite childhood book, you probably still remember the storyline. Try to remember the first chapter of your grade 10 math book and you probably have trouble. Stories are what capture our minds and stick with us, which is exactly what you want your content to do.

Plan out your content marketing strategy and make it happen. Your business will benefit, as more and more customers learn about you through that content. Whether you write on your own blog, hire a ghostwriter, or simply work with social media, your company’s story is a key part of connecting with your clients



Fast Email Tips

Fast Email Tips:

Should I be worried about sending emails to subscribers?

Well why do you have an email list?

Isn’t it to send emails to subscribers?

Don’t be afraid to lose a subscriber.

The whole point of having an email list is to make money if you don’t send email then why have a list.

To make money you have to send email with an offer of some kind the more you send the more you should be able to make.

When is the best time of day to send an email?

A great time to send email to You List is Between 11:00 and 12:00 pm EST because on the east & west coasts people are awake and in Australia it is morning time.

Test different times to see what time works best for you.

When is the worst time to send an email?

On holidays and on weekends.

What is the best day to send an email.

Wednesday is a good day but as with anything test which is best for you. Each day of the week will catch someone but weekends are the worst in my experience.

Need more traffic.

Try Udimi get $5 gift code instantly after registration. This code can be used on any $70+ order. –> Udimi


Our Support Has Real Human Feelings

Say What? Talk It Up with a Helpful Human!

The nice thing about OSP Support is we are REAL humans.  No machines or bots here. We have human feelings and care about finding the best solution for our users. Let me tell you a little bit about it.

OSP Support is built on a team environment, with the overall goal to assist our users (and inquiring potential users) to better understand anything that may come up along the way.  Everyone pitches in to help here at OSP, but the Support Team consists of myself (Jordan), Alice, Kevin, and Rochelle.  We assist via LiveChat and by email. We will even jump on the phone if need be – however, we do prefer helping out over chat and email.  That allows us to send screenshots and links to help get you where you need to be.

Since we are REAL people, as much as we love helping, we have families that we like to spend time with, and we like to think they enjoy our company as well. That is where the Support Center can really come into play.

Our OSP Support Center is located at Support.OnlineSalesPro.com.  With over 170 articles there, there is a great chance the answer to your question will be found with the click of a button.  In fact, 97% of our emails or chats include a link to an article in the Support Center.  That’s how good it is!

No matter the time, rain or shine, you will be able to get an answer to your OSP question.  During normal business hours you will get to talk with a member of our team, but during non-business hours (or even during!), you can access the Support Center to find your answer.  No matter the case, we pride ourselves with the ability to assist and look forward to doing so.

-Jordan Mikals, Head of Customer Support – Team Online Sales Pro



How to Make Your Entrepreneurial Journey a Success

Every entrepreneur, no matter what type of business they are running, will run into enormous obstacles as they travel their own path to success. For some it may be difficult to leave the comfort and stability of their 9-to-5 job, for others it may be difficult to scale their business up and take it to the next level, because they are too afraid of the consequences.

No matter what situation you are currently facing in your entrepreneurial journey, there will be a moment for you when it all comes together: in that moment you will have to decide if you truly want to stay the course and keep moving toward your goals, or if you will choose the easier, more comfortable road.

Whether you are just beginning your entrepreneurial journey or you have years of experience and are looking to take that next step, you will have your moment. Here’s 3 things you can do to ensure that when your moment comes, you will be ready to seize it and alter the course of your life for the better.

#1: Grow Into Your Business

As much as you’d like to think that you can jump headfirst into online business and make millions of dollars, the reality is that it’s not THAT simple. Yes, with proper mentoring, instruction and effort, you can make a lot of money online and live the life of your dreams. But there are very few overnight successes in the world of online business—the ones that experience the most success are the people that continue, through trial and error, to grow their businesses over time. If you can do this you will be ready to take your business up a notch when your moment arrives.

#2: Failure is a Prerequisite to Success

Every person that has experienced success in online business has failed hundreds, if not thousands of times. No one wakes up to an online fortune—it takes months of tedious planning and sometimes years of persistence to make a six-figure income online. However, it is totally possible. If you really want to learn how to transform your business and your life, then take risks early on in your business. Even though you’ll surely fail some of the time, it will lead you to greater success down the road.

#3: Take Periodic Breaks From Your Business

Even though you may love working on your online business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if you truly want to be ready for your moment, you have to take periodic breaks. It’s not healthy to “go”, “go”, “go”, all the time. Wen you take a break it allows your mind to reset and it will help you come back with even greater focus on your goals. You might think it counterproductive to take some time off from your business, but it’s actually the best thing you can do.

What suggestions do you have for preparing for your ‘moment’ as an online entrepreneur?



3 Things That Hold People Back From Online Success

Starting something new is always a bit nerve-racking, especially when it involves making money.

Starting an online business can be an amazing adventure, but it can also come with some unexpected bumps in the road. You won’t get everything right when you’re first launching your business, but that’s ok as long as you have a plan in mind and know what it is you are trying to accomplish to achieve online success. Did you come up with your own product that you’re selling on an ecommerce site? Do you want to be an affiliate marketer? Are you selling your own digital products, like an e-course or coaching services?

No matter what it is you are trying to do to accomplish online, you must be aware of these 3 things that hold people back from achieving online success. If you can avoid these 3 common pitfalls, you will reach your goals and achieve the success you desire.

#1: I’m Afraid to Fail

News flash: everyone on the planet is at least slightly afraid of failure, especially those who are seeking online success. It’s part of human nature to be afraid of taking risks and falling flat on your face, but if you want to truly be a successful online entrepreneur you will have to endure failure. You need to admit to yourself out loud that becoming an online entrepreneur will come with setbacks and failures. You have to admit this to yourself before you take one step forward, because otherwise you will lose courage as the journey gets increasingly difficult. It’s not a question of if you will fail, but when. As long as you know what you’re aiming for failure shouldn’t scare you.

#2: I’m not an Expert 

The idea that you need a few fancy letters after your name to make money online is a very outdated concept. Yes, to practice medicine you do need to be a doctor—same thing goes for lawyers. But becoming an expert typically does not require you to be certified in anything other than your own life experience. If you are amazing at helping people save and invest their money, then you can make a great living teaching people online. Same thing goes for fitness. You don’t have to be a business expert to sell products online either. If you have experience in a specific area and you know how to get results for yourself and others, that’s all the expertise you need. Don’t let a few credentials keep you from living out your online business dream.

#3: I Have Things to Figure out

All of us have things to figure out. Do you think Steve Jobs knew every thing there is to no about computers and software before he started Apple? Do you think Mark Cuban knew everything about live streaming before he started his internet company Broadcast.com, and later sold it to Yahoo for billions of dollars? If you are waiting for all the stars to align and say you’re ready to launch an online business, you will be waiting forever. None of us are ready to take the next step—not really. What you need to do is have faith that with hard work, you’ll be able to learn what you need to learn to be successful. But what you need to do right now is just take the leap. There will never be a perfect time to start your online business—that perfect time is right now.


15 Types of Lead Magnets You Can Give Away

Lead magnets are an essential part of email marketing, but what exactly should you create?

Every business is different. Your audience is not the same as every other audience out there, so your lead magnet must reflect this. What does your audience need? What is their pain point and what can you offer as a solution?

Once you know the topic, it’s time actually to create the lead magnet. You have quite a few options. Here are some of the most popular email marketing magnets you can design:

1 – Ebook/Report

The most traditional option is to provide a simple book that helps resolve the pain point your audience faces. A report is preferable to an ebook, because people want something short and sweet that will give them answers fast.

2 – Checklist

Can you give your audience a basic checklist to help them reach their goals? This is a nice, simple way to get those emails and works for any niche.

3 – Email Course

Offer a 3-, 5-, or 7-day email course, where information and daily assignments are provided. The course will need to solve a problem your audience faces if they’re going to have multiple emails from you.

4 – Video Course

Like the email course, a video course provides a new video lesson every day or every other day. Again, this needs to solve an issue that is being dealt with by your readers. They’ll sign up if you can solve their problem.

5 – Discount/Coupon

For some, offering a discount is the easiest way to get those sign ups. Who doesn’t want to save money?

6 – Template

Can you provide a template for something your clients need help with? Maybe they need to draft an email and just aren’t sure how to do it. Your template can provide direction and help them create the perfect ebook, Pinterest graphic, or just about anything else.

7 – Swipe File

Many email marketing and social marketing companies use this one. A swipe file is full of examples of whatever it is you do. For example, a writer might offer a swipe file of their best headlines and an email marketer may provide dozens of subject lines.

8 – Script

Does your audience need to call someone, talk to someone, or otherwise speak in an awkward situation? A script that tells them just what to say can be a big help.

9 – Worksheet

A worksheet provides your subscribers with a printable that they can fill out. This worksheet should ideally help them discover something or plan something that will help them. For example, a website worksheet would help readers develop their ideas and what they really want in a website.

10 – Webinar

Could you provide your audience with some useful tips in a webinar? Maybe you could interview an expert in your field. If you can offer a webinar with value, people will gladly hand over their emails.

11 – Calculator

If there is any math involved in what you do, turn it into a simple calculator that your audience must sign up to use. This could be anything from a mortgage calculator to one that helps you decide how much to save each month in order to reach a goal.

12 – Application

Can you develop (or pay someone to develop) an app that will solve a pain point for your audience? An app, even if it’s free, has high-perceived value, and people will be thrilled to trade their email address for it.

13 – Free Coaching/Consult

Depending on your niche, you may be able to offer a short coaching session or a consult to those who sign up with their email address.

14 – Calendar

Could your audience use a calendar that is tailored to their needs? A workout calendar or one that has specific marketing steps to take each day could be a bit hit. If you feel that daily steps could help your audience, this could be the ideal lead magnet.

15 – Toolkit

What tools do you use that would be ideal for your clients? Share them in an easy download or give people access to an “inner sanctum” page with all your favorite resources when they sign up with their email.


Email marketing begins by offering plenty of value. In today’s market, most people are wary of handing over their email addresses. They already have an inbox full of offers and newsletters, so you really need to stand out.




5 Things do Before Breakfast

If you want to be successful, you need to start evaluating your morning habits. Morning is often the most productive time of the day. This is because our brains are fresh, our willpower is stronger and we tend to have a more positive outlook on life during this period. In comparison, in the evenings people tend to be more tired, more negative and have little willpower. This is why you need to do important things in the morning.

Begin asking yourself what your morning habits are like. What time do you wake up? What is the first thing you do after getting out of bed? Etc. After you’ve done this, you’ll start to discover whether your morning routines are helping or hindering you on your path to success.

Now that you know what you are doing in the morning, let’s go over some things you should be doing. Successful individuals understand how valuable their mornings play into their success.   Here are 5 morning habits that successful people do before breakfast that you need to emulate.

Wake Up Early & Get to Work

Successful people understand how valuable time is and they don’t let it go to waste. They get up early. In fact, Laura Vanderkam conducted a study of 20 executives and discovered something interested. 90% of these executives said they wake up before 6 am on weekdays. This doesn’t mean they get up and go straight to the office. Instead, they use that time to accomplish other personal tasks.

For example, Disney CEO Bob Iger wakes up at 4:30 to spend time reading and Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey gets up at 5:30 to exercise. The bottom line is simple. If you want to be successful and make your millions, one of your morning habits needs to be waking up early.


There are several reasons why you should exercise in the morning. You will have less scheduling conflicts if you exercise first thing. If you wait until the evening, chances are that something will come up and as mentioned above, you will likely have less will power to go the longer you wait. Another reason that exercising early is beneficial is because it increases productivity. According to the Huffington Post, working out will help “increase your mental clarity for four to 10 hours” after you exercise. If one of your morning habits is exercising, then you will also get better sleep and reduce stress later in the day.

Create a To-Do List

I am one of those people who rarely creates a to-do list unless I really need to get stuff done. This is because I complete tasks more often when I put them on paper. This is true for many people. When things are written down, they are more likely to be completed. The success rate changes because written tasks require more accountability than tasks only listed in your head. Successful individuals understand this concept. Every morning, they create to-do lists of all the tasks they need to complete during the day.

If you want to be successful, you need to start creating a to-do list for yourself every day. Make sure to only put realistic tasks on your list so you can actually complete them.

Write Down Your Goals

Successful individuals are goal oriented and you need to be as well, if you want to be successful. One of your morning habits should be writing down your goals every day or at the very least, reviewing your goals. Keep them fresh in your mind so you will continue working towards them. Again, you need to actually write them down because there is power in putting pen to paper. Decide what your goals are and then focus on them.

Quality Time with Family

Who said that quality family time has to be in the evening? Many successful people use the mornings to connect with their family members. Connecting could be anything from making a big breakfast for the whole family, talking with your spouse on the bus ride to work or helping your young children get ready for school in the morning.

Finding balance is important for any successful person and spending time with family needs to be part of that balance. If you are too tired in the evenings to spend time with family, start making it one of your morning routines instead.

Creating a good morning routine is essential if you want to be successful. Start your day off right with these 5 morning habits and get started on your success today. Maybe you’ll even make a few million while you’re at it.

What’s your most successful morning habit? Let us know in the comments below!


6 Ways To Keep Money Flowing Over Holiday Vacation

As entrepreneurs, our work doesn’t stop just because the kids aren’t going to school (my wife is a teacher, so she’ll be home, too).  One of the main benefits of what we do is being able to decide when we work less or want to spend extra time with those that matter most to us.

Yet, we still have to pay the bills.

In this post, I’m going to separate our “6 ways” into 3 ways to prepare and 3 quick things you can do while working less to keep the money coming in.

3 Ways To Prepare For A Vacation

The easiest way to prepare for vacation is to do as much as possible before you disappear.  Any of these 3 will give you the ability to detach from your computer or phone and enjoy time with your family.

Setup An Email Promo In Advance

This is what your autoresponder is for.  Many of us fall into the daily mess of jumping into our autoresponder and sending out a new broadcast email every day.

Yet, the autoresponder is designed to deliver messages when you’re not there.

Write a series of emails to cover the days you’re not going to be functionally working.  Make sure they’re going to go out at the right times and wait for the payment notices.

Schedule Social Posts Using Buffer

If you’ve got a majority of your audience on social media, Buffer is about to become your best friend.

It allows you to schedule posts to all of the big social networks (including Instagram).

If you’re going to run a promo to your email list, Buffer will give you the ability to schedule social posts to go out at the same time as your emails.

Most importantly, they have a free version you can use to see how you like it before signing up for the “business” version.

Create Any Content In Advance

If you do any regular blogging, you’ll want to ensure you’ve got some posts prepared before you head off.

Combine an email in your autoresponder and a blast on your social networks and you’ll have a promotion machine working for you while you’re off having fun.

3 Quick Things You Can Do For Money While On Vacation

What if you want to take the kids out for a crazy Hibachi dinner that’s going to cost you $200 and you’re low on cash and credit after buying gifts?

Any of these 3 will give you a cash infusion to do something extra during vacation.

Run A Quick Promo

To get attention over the holiday time, you better do something worthy of people’s attention.

In the “Internet Marketing” space, there isn’t a single launch between 12/24 and 12/26 due to Christmas.  I’ve never seen it happen before.

Usually there is one marketer with a killer offer over the holiday.  Not this year.

It’s a huge risk to invest a bunch of money, time, and attention into a product to launch at a time where people are supposed to be hanging out with their families.

Yet, if you’re the only one with a live offer at that time, you’re going to get eyeballs.


People will still be staring at their phones when they get bored.

If an email comes in talking about your product, you have a chance to get sales.

The key with a promo over the holidays is to give a crazy deal or something groundbreaking.

If it’s your product, cut the price or stack on extra bonuses.

If it’s an affiliate offer, throw in some personal 1-on-1 help.  Most people won’t take you up on it, but make sure to politely let people know you won’t be available to help until after your vacation ends.

Do An Ad Swap With A Friend

Whether you’re promoting an offer or have products of your own that you sell, you’ve built an email list of customers and prospects.  Most of our customers send our traffic to a squeeze page (as they should).

An ad swap is where you and a friend with a similar list size agree to send out a promo for each other.  You email your list suggesting they check out your friend.  They do the same for you.

No money has to involved.

As long as you can both create a similar amount of clicks, this is a win/win.

If you don’t have any friends you can do an ad swap with, you can buy some of our traffic instead.

Find A Starving Audience And Feed Them

Finding a new audience and creating an offer is quick?  Not really, unless you have the technology to back it up (Shopify, OptimizePress, or LeadPages).

The idea here is to build an offer or product that you can put in front of people that are nearly guaranteed to buy it.

An example for me would be anything related to Deadpool.  Facebook has figured out that I like Deadpool, so the T-shirt that I saw with Deadpool and a unicorn nearly got me to grab my credit card.

Generally, T-shirt campaigns won’t pay out quickly, so the only way for you to sell them would be to find a print on demand company willing to send products to your customers, then set it up on something like Shopify.

Again, not a quick cash infusion…

However, this will work if you have things you no longer need.  Video games?  Go to Gamestop and sell them.  Fashionable clothes?   Find a Plato’s closet and sell them.  Got a computer you don’t need or use?  Offer up a crazy deal on Craigslist.

I wouldn’t suggest selling things that matter, but most of us have tons of things we never use.  If you’d rather have cash in your pocket, get rid of the stuff you don’t need.


Leverage Facebook Groups to Increase Web Traffic

Facebook groups can be a valuable tool for business owners. Online marketing for small biz requires using the best tools to get the most value and that includes Facebook groups. It’s free to join a group, and there are millions of them available on the social media site.

How to Find Relevant Facebook Groups

One of the great things about Facebook is that it will suggest groups to you, based on your likes. So once you’ve joined a few groups, you’ll start seeing suggestions for others that suit your niche. However, to get started, you have to find some on your own.

You can find groups for literally any topic under the sun, so look carefully at your target audience and figure out what groups they’re hanging out in. Then go join a few of these.

Many business owners join FB groups that are created for business owners. While this can be great to bounce ideas off other people, it’s not a good place to reach your audience (unless your audience is other business owners). You will see more results when you join groups where your audience is hanging out.

Once you’ve found and joined several groups, what do you do?

Making Use of Facebook Groups

The first thing you should do in any Facebook group is read the instructions and rules. Every group has these, either in the group description or in a pinned post on the group page. Make sure you understand what is allowed and what is not.

With the rules in mind, you can then begin to interact with the group and leverage the information you glean.

Introduce yourself: You should always present yourself as an individual on these groups, so introduce yourself, not your company. Most groups allow for a link in the introduction post, but be sure to read the rules to make sure. Then post an intro that explains who you are, any relevant information in regards to the niche, and what you do.

Ask questions: Go ahead and ask people questions in the group. It’s a great way to interact, but it has the added bonus of helping you glean information. Use the questions to build up a better avatar for your target audience.

Read posts and take notes: You will quickly notice that many people post about their problems in these groups, hoping someone can shed some light on things. You should be careful not to promote your solution in these cases, but make a note as to what everyone is looking for. This information can be invaluable when planning your own services.

Participate in threads: Become an active part of the groups you join. Gradually, people will start to notice your comments, and if you’re adding value, they will begin to see you as an expert in your industry. For example, if you post ideas for woodworking in a group on carpentry and frequently offer creative solutions, people will begin to look for you when they have questions.

Promote when allowed: Many Facebook groups allow you to promote your business on certain days or in certain group threads. Make sure you take advantage of these opportunities and present the members of the group with an offer they’ll love. It’s a great way to increase email subscribers or to gain clients.

Facebook groups aren’t the first place most people look when they’re planning on promoting their business, but if you’re already on the site, it makes sense. With a well-thought-out plan, you can easily interact in groups with just a few minutes of your time each day.


Facebook is an integral part of online marketing for small biz, so learn to put it to good use. Take advantage of the many

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